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Rocking G Whip

Hi I'm Yosemite Sam and that's me riding Whip. I had heard a lot about Whip and always wanted to ride him. I finally got my chance in Lindale, Texas competing in a cowdog trial. I knew Whip was fast and could move like a high dollar cutting horse. I climbed on Whip but knew I was in trouble when Keith strapped my hands and feet around him with a rope. Keith sent us on an outrun but Whip went a little too wide. He ducked under an electric fence running wide open and the next thing I knew the fence cut my head off, but I was able to finish watching from afar. I could see Whip and what was left of me herding the cows up in the pasture and bringing them back into the arena. Keith stopped Whip and removed my torso and went on to win the open trial. And that, my friend, is a true story.

(Narrated by Chris Schenk)