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National Cattledog Association

 High Points Open Dog of the Year 2015-2016
Rockin G Reo



"Rockin G Roc" 2014-15

Res. National Champion Open Horseback


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At Stud Rockin G Roc

Roc Is The Son Of Razors Blade

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National Cattle  Dog Assoc.

Southeast Open Regional Finals Trial 2014

Rockin G Roc Winner Of The National Cattledog Assoc Southeast Open Regional Finals
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Southern Stock Dog Assoc.

 SSDA Ranch Class Average Winner


Rockin G Reo

Brandon, Ms

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Tom About To Wup Up On Keith

My ole Bubby Tom smarted off so I took a hold of him. I been working out and told him I think I can take him. What did he say? "That will be $10 for the pic" lol. Love ya buddy great to see y'all


Keith Gilleon

My name is Keith Gilleon and I live in Ethel, Louisiana. I have been training border collies to work cattle on the ranch and for trial dogs for about 23 years. From time to time I have pups and started dogs for sale. I also have trained dogs that are ready for cowdog trials or trained to go to work on your ranch. I will also train and /or trial your dog in competition. Your dog can be trained to whatever level you like, from obedience to a fully trained cowdog. Please visit my Contact page to get in touch with me. I will do my best to help you with any questions you may have.


My Dogs Chillin After Herding A Couple Of Hundred Cows



And you thought Keith did all the training! Better Think Again

 Pictured is Ty Gilleon working Rocking G Spurs at a trial in Lindale Texas.


"Keith"  I took a little time off from trialing cow dogs to do some roping with the kids, but I'll be back soon.


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